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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I get my order?

Classic garments ship in 2-3 business days, Deluxe garments ship in 1-2 weeks (select sizes now shipping in 2-3 business days--please see product pages for details), and custom garments ship in 6-8 weeks.

How much is shipping?

We are happy to offer free USPS Priority Mail shipping on all orders! Priority Mail typically delivers in 2-4 business days of ship date, but can be delayed, especially around holiday seasons and when extreme weather is impacting the country. If you need faster shipping, Priority Mail Express is available at time of purchase for additional cost. 

What's your return policy?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your garment, we offer a 30-day return policy with full refund minus shipping costs. Garments must be unworn and in original packaging to be eligible for returns. Please email us at to initiate a return. All custom orders are final.

Are you sure I only need height and chest measurements to get a good fit?

Our robe pattern is based on ancient tunics, which have much more forgiving sizes than we're used to with modern clothes. Our robes are meant to be loose-fitting, and as long as you accurately measure for height and chest, they'll fit the way they're supposed to! (Remember, our infant and child sized robes use a "center back" measurement instead of child height--please see product pages for details on how to take this measurement.)

The tunic robe looks really long--will it look like a dress on me/my son/my godson?

While dresses are the most similar garment that comes to mind when most of us in the modern West think think "long tunic", historically the tunic was a unisex garment. In fact, in your local Orthodox church, the priest's sticharion (the white robe he wears as the base of his vestments), the deacon's sticharion (the colorful brocade deacon's vestment), and the altar servers' robes are all the same garment as the baptismal robe, just made with different fabrics and trims. So no need to worry about looking like you or your son/godson are wearing a dress!

Can I wear the robe on its own, or do I need to wear other clothing underneath it?

Since all of our robes are made from lightweight white material, they tend to be a bit sheer. We recommend wearing light-colored garments underneath your robe. A white bodysuit works great for infants, and white or khaki shirt and pants/skirt or dress are perfect for children and adults.

Which fabric is right for me?

We are pleased to offer three different fabrics at Magdalena Robes. Our Kaufman 100% cotton poplin is crisp and lightweight--it's the material we use for all our Classic Collection garments. Our organic polished cotton is beautifully soft and buttery with a subtle sheen, and the most wrinkle resistant of our fabric offerings. Finally, our handkerchief weight linen is lightweight and breathable with a unique, lived-in texture.

How should I wash my robe after the baptism?

We recommend hand washing in cool water with a mild soap or baby shampoo. However, due to the Holy Chrism that remains on the robe after baptism, robes must be carefully rinsed (and the water disposed of reverently) before washing. Detailed care instructions are included in every order. 

I have lace from my wedding gown that I'd like to be a part of my baby's gown. Is that something you offer?

We would love to help turn your heirloom textiles into a unique gown! Depending on the type and yardage of lace or other fabric, there are a number of ways we could incorporate it into a gown. Please see our Custom Orders page for more info.

Do you sell burial shrouds?

Traditional Orthodox burial shrouds are made in the same style as baptismal robes. Our sizing is roomy and all of our tunic style robes can be used as shrouds. If you are purchasing a robe for an adult baptism, it is traditional to store your robe carefully following your baptism so that it can be used as your shroud when the time comes.

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